Whether you need an energy boost or you simply feel like some aspects of your life could do with a little extra help from something special – crystals are a wonderful and healing way to go. For centuries people have been using them to improve the quality of their life on a spiritual energetic level and it is no wonder more and more uses of crystals have emerged lately.

The latest craze in beauty is undoubtedly face rollers made out of jade or rose quartz that not only physically help with stimulating the anti-ageing process, but also charge us with clarity and positive energy. 

A modern way to determine what crystal works best for you is through astrology. 

Crystals are charged through mostly the moon (that is also the way you cleanse them) so the connection between them and the stars is truly magical. Here is a list of what crystals would work best for your astrological sign, depending on your star sign – keep them on your work desk or next to your bed, hold them for a couple of minutes each day and notice the difference. 



Those independent and courageous human beings have always been in the spotlight as they like to assert themselves. However, they tend to be quite impulsive in their actions since their leadership skills are never questioned. Red Jasper stone is the perfect one for them as it not only encourages the thought process to run smoothly in their heads, but also gives reason behind the actions.



Unlike other star signs, Taurus tend to be much calmer and serene by nature, they carefully asses situations and patiently wait for results. However, that can often make them appear as uncertain and ambivalent to other people that may rely on them. Carnelian is a wonderful stone for them as it can strengthen their abilities to lead and can make them stronger in the pursuit of their dreams.



With their quick wit and playful character, Gemini are one of the most distinctive star signs and just like the name might suggest, they are often times town between two actions, two methods, two choices. And that is why they also require two stones to balance them out. Both agate and moonstone make sure to not pull them into different directions and establishes a balance in their life.  



Very sensitive in their nature, they are all about nurturing and keeping those around them safe and sound. Often times, however, they forget that they need to focus on self-care and self-love. Chrysocolla could be an amazing stone for them as it brings tranquility, balance and stability to their home space and your emotions.



Leos are undoubtedly the most loyal and confident in their abilities star sign. Their big expectations and beliefs can sometimes cloud their judgement. Pyrite is the best stone for them as it grounds them and also makes them enhance the lightness they already possess. 



The aesthetical nature of Virgos is very distinct. They are very in touch with the surroundings and prefer the harmony of nature by themselves. In order to bring those Virgo qualities, we recommend green jade stone. It shifts harmony in the mind, body and spirit, bringing energy for life.



The most emotionally in touch with themselves star sign is Libra. They focus on relationships and feel fulfilled when peace and harmony are present in their life. A The most powerful Libra birthstone is lapis lazuli. This stone will help them think intuitively and serenely in conducting relationships.



Determined and forceful, Scorpios are one of the most powerful and leadership-asserting star signs. However, due to their passionate senses they might go overboard sometimes, citrine is a perfect stone to balance that out. Citrine will help them see clarity in what they should be manifesting.



The optimism of the Sagittarius, coupled with their good intentions and heart, although qualities that are largely desirable, can actually bling their judgement from time to time. In order for them to gain more clarity. The most powerful Sagittarius stone is bronzite stone. It grounds and brings harmony into their life.



Capricorns are the parents of the zodiac. Careful, giving, but also reasonable, disciplined and great shoulders to cry on. However, their parenting can often be misread by others who classifies a Capricorn as a  “prude”. Sodalite is a stone that helps to encourage their self-acceptance and trust, it will also let them accept that it is not a bad thing to have a carefree side once in a while.



Original and inventive, independent and intellectual – an Aquarius has incredibly strong qualities for a harmonious and adventurous life, however these qualities can detach them from reality sometimes. The power Aquarius stone is amethyst because it serves as a constant source of focus, working to enhance intuition.



Pisces are very emotional, but also very mystical in their nature. Aquamarine would be a wonderful stone for them as it will support the energy and balance it out with theirs. They need a crystal with energy as soothing as their own, a stone which has beautiful vibes such as Aquamarine.






Special thanks to Energy Muse Blog, where we got most of our information from.