How to prepare a few days before treatment?
Shower, exfoliate your body well, including the face. Focus on dry areas, such as knees and elbows; moisturise with an oil free moisturiser; shave or wax any areas required.

The day of treatment
Shower, exfoliate your body. Do not moisturise - you can only apply a small amount of oil free moisturiser to dry patches; do not use any deodorant or perfume; remove all make up.

Straight after your treatment
Leave your Spray Tan for at least 6-7 hours or overnight if possible before showering or taking a bath. This gives your tan a chance to fully develop. Avoid wearing socks or boots after your tanning session as sweating can inhibit the development of your tan. Do not apply moisturiser, perfume or deodorant. Avoid wearing tight clothing for at least 5 hours. All swimming, showering and vigorous exercise must be avoided for at least 5 hours as this can inhibit the development of your tan. Avoid sitting on light coloured leather or fabrics until you’ve showered or taken a bath as the bronze can cause discolouration. Don’t shave until 12 hours after your treatment. Remember, not to panic if you see colour in your shower or bath water. This is just the colour guide and washing off will reveal your fabulous tan underneath!

Maintaining your spray tan
Moisturise regularly. Hydrated skin is essential in maintaining a longer life to your tan. Please check our Yonka tan intensifier. This product will prolong your tan with days; Avoid long hot baths and showers as these speed up exfoliation. Pat your skin dry after a bath or shower. Rubbing your skin may take off your tan; Avoid swimming pools as the chlorine in these can reduce your tan. Take care when exercising as sweating and repetitive friction may cause your tan to fade unevenly.

Lotions containing alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) are used to increase exfoliation therefore their use will accelerate the fading process of your tan