We all know that exercise is good for us. It keeps our weight down, reduces risk of many major illnesses and lifts our mood. It is also great for our complexion, helping our skin glow.

Every day during the morning school run I see women and men jogging alongside the river. I am lucky to be based next to a National reserve area with beautiful views and fresh air. Although I try myself to run when I can squeeze the time I can only envy these athletes as they get their dose of exercise every day!

They must feel fantastic!

But every once in a while, one of them – or someone just as cardio addicted – ends up in my clinic with an unfortunate side effect of over exercising.

They’ve been working out far too intensively, and as a result, their face looks gaunt and ‘sunken’. While from the neck down, they’ve never been in better shape, but their face ages prematurely, with wrinkles and lack of volume.

So we face the old dilemma - face or bum

Or should we? (don’t hang up your trainers quite yet)

There are my tips of what you can do to prevent this unfortunate “Runners skin” effect.

1. Get your skin a lift and Reverse loss of volume.

Intensive exercise really burns up fat, including the facial fat that pads out your face, and is crucial for support and youthful contour. When you reduce your body fat percentage that layer disappears, your skin starts to drop. The most effective firming and lifting treatment our days is Advanced Radio Frequency facial. Super relaxing and based on proven results it’s your first SOS. When combined with Vit A based topical creams and supplements the effect is even better as those help to thicken the deeper layers of your skin.

Or if you are ready to move to the next level you can restore the lost volume with state-of-the-art dermal fillers These injectable gels are specially designed to add volume, hydrate and smooth away wrinkles, are extremely low-risk compared to surgical procedures, and will help restore your youthful appearance.

2. Repair sun damage.

Many runners don’t use sunscreen as they feel it blocks their skin, which can’t breathe properly when they run. The result is long hours of exposure to the UV sun rays every week – which we know does nothing good for your skin. Try Reflect by Cosmedix - a super light texture of SPF 30 or Heliocare XF gel SPF 50 for the sunny days.


If you’ve experienced sun damage, consider IPL light to fade away sun spots – our device is combined with Radio Frequency at the same time so you get the best of both! A combination of retinol based benefit peels will increase the result. If you are feeling brave there is also a dermaroller collagen induction therapy - one of the most medically backed up treatments available using your skin natural ability to heal and renew I use a highly potent anti-oxidant as part of this treatment to stop the free radicals damage your skin further.

3. Rehydrate.

When you dehydrate while exercising, you both shrink the volume of the fat pads under your skin, and the volume of the skin itself. It is crucial that you hydrate both before and after your exercise. Topically I would recommend you use Mystic hydrating spray by Cosmedix to restore the moisture levels without clogging the skin with creams. It’s a common misconception that if you water your skin frequently it will hydrate – just the opposite – you are washing off all the protective lipids so stick to the spay – both before and after exercise!

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