Smart SkinDNA Testing

Unlock your skin's genetic factors and start using a science based skincare program designed to help optimise your skin's anti-aging and long term health defences.

The revolutionary Smart SkinDNA laboratory test examines 16 genetic markers associated with skin aging from the DNA isolated from cheek saliva samples. SkinDNA takes the power of the DNA's unique blueprint to identify your skin's genetic propensity in five vital areas of skin health:

  • Firmness + Elasticity
  • Wrinkling
  • Sun damage + Pigmentation
  • Free Radical damage
  • Sensitivity + Inflammation

The results present a personalised, highly-preventative approach to improve your skin’s future, giving you the opportunity for the earliest possible intervention to reverse premature ageing.

The process has just three simple steps:

  1. Collect a saliva sample from your cheek using our easy-to-use DNA Collector.
  2. Our accredited laboratory and scientists analyse your DNA through several testing processors.
  3. You receive your results. Our expert skincare professionals will explain what your DNA results reveal and will give you recommendations on appropriate treatments and skincare products.